Can algae growth be avoided in the render?

The word “Algae” in the construction industry is used to describe the various organic growths on buildings. Not only can it grow on the render but it can also affect metal, plastic and wood. Algae produces really quickly and only needs sunlight, water and carbon Dioxide to grow.

Property location plays a key factor in avoiding algae growth. For example: if you live in a wooded area, then it cannot be avoided. This is because in wooded areas, are damp and shaded which are both conditions that allow the algae to thrive. Although it cannot be avoided, it can be treated which certain products.

One way that you can avoid algae growth or maintain a property against it, you can use a product that can be used on render to wash any algae off. The product is called Algae Clean. Algae Clean is a multi-surface algae treatment that helps to remove it from a number of different surfaces such as render, pebbledash and brick. It is a product made by K-Rend. Weber render have their own treatment called CL150 which is very similar to Algae Clean. The process takes 2 days but removes all algae that sits on the wall.

Algae cannot be avoided in wooded areas due to the damp and shading, however, products made by rendering companies such as K-Rend and Weber allow you to keep on top the algae. It allows you to remove the algae and ultimately avoid its growth.