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Below this page are six types of rendering each with their own advantages and where best to apply them i.e. Monorex, Monocouche, Weber, K-rend and Traditional rendering.




Monorex is a material that is composed of hydraulic mortar. The hydraulic mortar contains cement, lime, siliceous and calcareous sand and mineral pigments.

Advantages of using Monorex

Monorex provides one fully coloured weather resistant coat and breathable render for vertical masonry and concrete walls.



Monocouche is another rendering material that is composed of lime, cement, formulating and special additives for waterproofing.

Advantages of using Monocouche

Monocouche requires a single coat only, it is breathable to the surface in which it is applied to and is waterproof. The last quality of being waterproof makes Monocouche suitable for external, vertical concrete blocks or brick walls.



Weber is a material based on mortar. It comes in many forms with different polymers added to it so that it can be used a top coat render or as a stand alone coat.

Advantages of using weber

Weber is easy to apply, requiring only a smooth application to the surface that is going to be rendered. It is also relatively cheaper.


K-rend contains silicone that repels water and is resistant to Algae and limebloom (limebloom being a phenomenon that occurs when the rendered layer of a structure is exposed to damp conditions and begins to noticeably discolour).

Advantages of K-rend

Being able to repel water, K-rend spares the purchaser the hassle and ordeal of having to either wait for the unwanted effects of limebloom to disappear through the action of the elements or by the time consuming application of low strength acid concentration to the rendered surface.

Traditional rendering

Traditional rendering consists of a thin premixed surface of sand, cement and lime to brick, cement, stone or mud brick.

Advantages of traditional rendering

Traditional rendering makes the otherwise originally exposed brick or stone layer visually pleasing possibly enhanced with a detailed, textured look depending on the wishes of the property owner.