Modern render system vs traditional render system

Both a modern render system and a traditional render system bring different things to the table and are two very different systems.

All modern render systems are self-coloured (meaning they do not require painting) and have many benefits. An example of a modern render system is a Silicone render system. This system has used modern technology to improve traditional render systems by including silicone to make the render system more flexible. This improves the render because it prevents cracking when there is movement in the render. Modern render systems allow structures to breath whilst still being water repellent. The maintenance of modern render systems in low and only requires a light pressure wash now and then. Modern render systems are best on newer properties because older properties are best matched with traditional render.

With pros, there are cons. A silicone render system is not environmentally friendly due to the silicone mixed within the render. As well as this, both materials and labour for this system can be quite expensive.

Traditional render systems have been around for hundreds of years. An example of a traditional render system is sand and cement render. Materials for a sand and cement render are cheap and the system can be repaired easily when cracks appear. The system is effective at protecting walls as well as covering poor and damaged brickwork. Lime render (another traditional system) is an example of a render that is best used on an older property that was built before the 1930’s. This is because houses before the 30’s were made with a lime mortar which means that lime render would be best to use.

The problems of this system includes the following:
• It is not as weather resistant as modern render systems
• The finish is basic
• It may be required to paint the render every four years in order to maintain the colour
• It is prone to cracking with structural movement

Both modern render systems and traditional render systems have their pros and cons. The best on to use would depend on different things such as your property and budget.