What is brick effect render?

Brick effect render is a render that is made to look like brickwork and gives a wall a pleasant look. It is suitable for refurbishment projects where new brick can’t be used.


The basecoat is the first coat to go on. It is mixed with water and applied to the wall where brick effect render is desired. It is left to touch dry. This means that if the surface will just take the indent of a finger then it is good to continue.

Once the basecoat is done, the top coat is ready to apply. This is also mixed with water but doesn’t have to be completely smooth as you want it to be as rough looking as a real brick. The top coat is simply applied over the basecoat in the chosen colour.

The surface is then brushed to give the brickwork a lightly textures face.

The next stage is measuring some typical brick courses with a straight edge such as a length of timber. This can be done as soon as the brushing has been complete, however, it is advised to leave this until the render is firm but not dry.

Using a straight edge again, cut out the joints on the brick courses. This is done by putting light pressure of the render to reveal the basecoat. Pressing too hard will result in you cutting through to original structures. The last stage is cutting out joints by measuring the size of a brick.

Any mistakes can be rectified by patching up the area and starting the process again.