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Insulated rendering systems

In some older houses, there may be problems associated with insulating the property effectively as these older homes are built in such a way as to have solid walls so there is no possibility of having cavity wall insulation installed which means condensation can build up within the property leading  to damp conditions. Fortunately with recent developments in rendering systems, it is possible to refurbish older buildings and prevent a build up of moisture by using a new insulated render system applied to your exterior walls, an example of this insulated render system being Weber or K Rend.

Insulated render systems are environmentally friendly as they keep heating and energy bills low when heating a property. Note: when you choose a render to refurbish and insulate older building, it is best to have the chosen professionally applied. Although hiring professional renderers and purchasing the insulated render will be more expensive initially, they are more cost effective for their energy saving properties.

There are different types of insulated render systems but the one thing that they generally have in common is that they have to comply with certain building industry standards and should come with the relevant certification. It is unwise to go for any insulated render system that does not have the correct certification because it will not carry the same guarantees. Systems may be light, medium or heavyweight and the type you choose will depend on the building and substrata that is being rendered. There is a range of finishes available in insulated render systems, depending on which company product you choose. Along with traditional, smooth renders, there are scratched colour render systems, rough cast renders and silicone enriched renders. Some manufacturers will provide a traditionally smooth and painted finish.

Silicone may be added as a variant in some systems as this provides even greater water resistance than acrylic renders and gives extra protection in hard weather locations. The type of insulated render systems and variants available will depend very much on the type of products that a building company makes use of. If you want a particular type of system then you may need to shop around for a professional that can supply what you require.

An insulated render system will give you a durable, insulated and weatherproof exterior wall covering that reduces heat loss and helps to conserve energy. Insulated render systems are suitable for newly built homes and for refurbishing older ones. They provide a certain amount of sound proofing and help to control the condensation that can damage your exterior walls. When you have an insulated façade on your home it can significantly increase the comfort levels inside the building and will help to keep the structure of your home stable and dry, while at the same time helping to reduce harmful emissions. In the long run insulated render systems save homeowners money because they reduce the amount of general home maintenance needed.

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