The importance of drips and overhangs

Ensuring that the right drips and overhangs are in place before you commence with the rendering application is very important. Without sufficient drips and overhangs the render will become defective very quickly. Water will get in the render and damage the render in a matter of months if left exposed for too long. Stains and render discolouration will also become an issue relatively quickly.

Drips and overhangs do require some attention and the render system suitable for a certain job will depend on the dimensions of the drips and overhang. For example if the width of the overhang is only 150mm then it will not be possible to install a 150mm insulated render system because the render will not be protected and will soon fail. With sufficient drips and overhang even bad render systems will last, however with insufficient drips and overhang even the best render systems will fail.