There are many reasons for building a wall such as to ensure that your home and/ or property is secure as well as to improve the appearance of your home and/ or property. There are so many types of walls constructed such as brick walls, concrete walls and fences but the popular and common choice is the construction of brick walls externally coated with wall render.

Rendering is the ideal construction technique employed to protect the brick walls because brick walls are exposed to a variety of weather conditions and temperature extremes. If the brick wall is without some form of protection, the wall may not last long and will begin to crack because of weathering and exposure to large temperature changes. By applying a render to a wall, the structure of the wall becomes stronger and is able to withstand cracking. Another added effect is that the wall will look more attractive and be easier to paint.

There are many types of wall render available which don’t need to be applied to the wall in dry conditions for the render to fully set e.g dry conditions such as during the Summer season. This special characteristic of the render being able to set in non-dry conditions is achieved by additions to the basic composition of cement render e.g acrylic added to the wall render can assist a newly built wall to be fully rendered within one week compared to the application of traditional cement render which requires roughly a month to dry.

For property owners who want to only utilise traditional cement render to save money, despite being restricted by their budget, they are still able to benefit from quicker drying times and increased waterproofing due to the inclusion of available additives to the traditional cement render mix. The addition of additives can be likened to lime being added to a render mix to ensure the render is easier to apply. Hence there are many other available additives which when added to the render mixture, cause the mixture to dry quicker, be easily applied and last longer compared to the mixture alone.

Wall rendering is the oldest application for rendering property. With a variety of colours, textures and effects available, a wide range of possibilities are available.