External Rendering

Putzmeister Spray Machine For Rendering

The P13 from Putzmeister is a mixing, pumping and spraying machine with a positive mixer, pump and compressor. Ideal for bonding mortar, thin layer plasters, refractory mortar etc. It is the right machine for building preservationists, stucco plasterers, refurbishing companies, but also for painters. Suitable for: materials up to 3 mm grain, e.g. anti-noise compound, levelling compounds, refractory mortar, sealing compounds, joint and casing mortar, paint compounds, priming coats, bonding mortars, refurbishing mortar, fillers, filling mortars in two stages 6 and 12 l/min. The Putzmeister is popular in construction sites because of its simplicity, ease of use, high performance, long service life and low maintenance costs.

The P13 contains a complete spraying solution integrated within the machine allowing for the possibility for the mix to be prepared on-site. The benefits of an on-site mix include a lower cost since the sand and binder are sourced locally, and the mix can be adapted to specific job needs and local climate. The P13 can work efficiently with almost any type of sand up to 10 mm granulation.

The DMR drive version of the P13 spray machine has a 12.5 kW air-cooled two-cylinder diesel engine that is particularly reliable and very robust. The EMR drive version of the P13 spray machine is equipped with a 7.5 kW electric motor, a maintenance-free, quiet-running variant especially suited for use in noise sensitive environments. The KA230 piston pump offers a maximum output of 90 l/min and has a tremendously strong mechanical drive.

The three different drive speeds give an adjustable output, while the integrated pneumatic remote control enables you to start and stop the pump directly from the spray gun. The 170 liter positive mixer ensures an optimum quality mix and opens directly to the 200 liter storage hopper, which comes with an agitator and vibrating screen to prevent the mortar from settling. This system allows for a continuous spraying operation.

When achieving a scraped finish for the Monocouche coloured render, it is best to apply it using a PUTZMEISTER spray machine for time saving, mixing quality and efficiency.


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