External rendering is not simply plastering

Over the years I have noticed that many clients hire someone to render their property based on the fact that they have done a good job in plastering internally one of their rooms or maybe their friend simply recommends a plasterer to them. They do very little research into the render system they want to use or the company they are using. The issue here is that while there are many excellent plasterers not many can render the external part of a property to the right standard due to a number of factors that have nothing to do with how good or capable they are. During the year we receive a many enquiries where clients call us in to re-render their properties because their house has not been rendered properly. When examined most of the time the client has chosen to have their house rendered by a tradesman or company that has little or no experience with external rendering. I have noticed that the main reasons that these projects go wrong are the following:


  • The plasterer has no previous experience with applying modern render systems such as K Rend , Weber, Parex or Sto
  • The plasterer has not got sufficient trained labour to apply render to large elevations
  • The plasterer does not understand their customer expectations
  • The plasterer has little experience with external rendering

Ultimately the job does not get finished and most of the time the relationship between the plasterer and their client turns sour and they disappear leaving their client to face huge financial hardship. At this stage the client has paid most of the money to have their house rendered, this is money they will probably never retrieve again because the tradesman disappears or simply cannot pay it back. However that is only one part of the issue, the other problem is that the cost to rectify the render by another company sometimes costs more than having had it done right the first time. In many cases the render that has been applied incorrectly has to be removed or additional coatings need to be applied over it to put it right.