Different types of beads used for rendering

You may be wondering what are beads? There are different types of beads but most are designed to achieve the perfect finish and to protect your property from rainwater.

PVCu is the most cost-effective beading material, it is cheaper than stainless steel and does not corrode like galvanised steel. It also eliminates staining and reduces spilling and impact damage.


1. Bell Cast Bead – delivers a gentle gradient at the base of the render, they are commonly used above doors, windows as they provide a drip for rainwater to stop water return onto the surface below.

2. Angle Beads – These Beads are used on plastered and rendered corners where a true, sharp corner is required. Its strong rigid arris protects and reinforces plaster where it is most vulnerable.

They are suitable for all standard rendering and it provides straight edge to external corners.

3. Movement Beads – Whenever a minor movement in the structure beneath the render is expected then this is bead that should be used. They are also used where the underlying substrate changes.