Cost of Rendering a House

When deciding on whether or not to render your property cost is always a major factor. Rendering a property is not always the cheapest option short term however long term it is probably the best option. The rendering prices vary due to the following factors;

Quality of the workmanship – a high standard rendering company is going to be slightly more expensive than your local builder, the reason for this is because they value their work and they offer guarantees with it too. We spend a lot of time repairing or re-rendering properties which were not rendered properly in the first place. The client ends up paying a lot more money in the end because they were initially trying to save by going with their local builder. Rendering nowadays is a specialist trade which requires a lot of knowledge and training.

Size of the project – As with all projects, a terraced property will always cost less then a semi-detached property or a detached one. For a bigger project more labour time is required, more materials are required and the scaffolding costs will also be greater.

Product – Certain rendering products are cheaper then others, so that is something to consider when deciding. It is also the case that some rendering companies work with certain rendering products as they have agreements in place with the product manufactures. This is something you should ask the rendering representative about.

Nature of project – The final factor when it comes to price is what you want done to your property. For example if you currently have rendering already installed on the property and you want that removed due to cracks then that will probably cost more then to apply the render straight to a brick work or block work.