External Rendering

Choosing the right render

Renders come in many different types and some of the more recent acrylic and other modern renders are manufactured. For someone who wants to know how to make a render, they will find themselves bewildered and overwhelmed  by the large amount of articles and websites containing information about the cement mortar and lime renderings. It must be mentioned that this vast amount of information available to people who want to know more about rendering applied specifically to cement and lime renderings and not to the recently developed renders with additives that give them distinctive characteristics e.g. polymer additives in the render allows the render to be applied to be applied as a single coat. There is much discrepancy on what the ideal ratio of one product to another should be when it comes to rendering. One suggestion would be to use a straight lime mix that is applied on exterior walls. An alternative suggestion by some professionals would be that lime should generally be mixed with a certain kind of sand and that the mix should contain one part lime to three parts sand. If a cement render is required, then the render mix would contain cement, lime and sand.

Choosing the Right Render

Choosing the right render is a complex decision to make because the type of suitable render to be chosen depends on the type of walls to be rendered as well as what the typical weather conditions might be in that area. For people who are not rushed to completing the rendering of their property, soft lime renders are to be advised as they and can take a while to harden. However, if you have a tight time frame to complete your rendering project, it would be advisable to add some cement to the lime render to make the lime render harden more quickly. Note: Adding excess cement to the lime render has to be avoided because this would cause the render to harden quickly, increasing the likelihood of it cracking.

Types of Render Mixes

In this section, the different types of render mixtures will be mentioned here as well as the method to which they are achieved.

Ready Mixed Renders

Alternatively, if you are still unsure what render mixture you require to make, ready mixed renders are available on the market for you to purchase.

Premixed acrylic renders are versatile as they can be used on a wide range of buildings and on interior and exterior walls. The advantages of using acrylic renders are that they ideal for properties located in an area where the weather is known to bad because the acrylic renders are among the most water resistant renders. Note: some acrylic renders will need to have extra cement added shortly before the mix is applied to the walls. Another advantage of premixed acrylic renders is that the render dries out in a couple of days instead of several weeks.

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