External Rendering

Choosing a render colour

If you want to give your house a facelift then rendering your external walls is a way to go about it.
There are a few things that you should avoid before you even think of starting such work. First of all make sure that the right rendering materials are being used otherwise your work will fail and make sure that the surface area is clean before you put the render on.

Then you need to choose the right colour to render your building with. The question that is often asked is whether white is the best colour to use for rendering. The truth is the colour of the rendering does not matter, it does not improve the quality of the work or make it worse in this case.
But it all depends on the image that you want your home to have, for example if you are for an old look then you have the choice between county cream or oatmeal. But if you want to make you home look more modern then we suggest to use lighter colours such as off white or grey.
While you are deciding what colour you want the render to be just always remember that preparation is the key part.

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