Lime is known as a traditional material that has been used for many years. It is also a material that is being increasingly recommended by conservationists and architects because it does not have the potential to damage traditionally constructed buildings greatly in comparison to hard cement mortars and gypsum plasters which are well known to be  inappropriate...
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For a render to be highly durable, it must be bonded strongly to substrate. One of the factors affecting  bonding is the suction or absorbency of the background/ substrate i.e. the degree to which the molecules in the substrate are attracted to the render. In cases where suction is very high, walls can be lightly...
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It is essential the correct type of render be used to protect and enhance any particular building. Using the wrong type of render on the wrong type of wall will result in the inability of the render to adhere to the substrate, build up of damp within the substrate etc. Examples to illustrate the importance...
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