External Rendering

Silicone render

Silicone rendering may be a possible solution for:

Note that the effects of adding a silicone render to a property will not be immediately obvious compared to traditional cement or lime render.

The material of the property to be rendered has to be considered carefully when using silicone render, the materials suitable being unpainted brick, natural stone or block exterior walls.

It is known that whereas some renders and waterproof systems will provide protection for your home for up to five years, invisible silicone wall renders are guaranteed to go on protecting your home for many years into the future, up to a maximum of 15 years according to some sources. Because the effects of silicone wall renders are not immediately apparent, the function of using this render is to actually refurbish a building, designed primarily for homes where damp and heat loss are causing serious problems.

While most exterior wall renders will only give some protection from moisture buildup, silicone renders are designed to penetrate deep below the material’s surface of the exterior walls to dry out the substrata, effectively dealing with the source of the dampness. Invisible silicone wall renders seep into the gaps in your building substrata where the moisture enters and prevent damp from entering into the walls. In the long term, silicone wall renders will save large amounts of money on heating bills because drier walls keep the heat in a building far more effectively than walls that are damp. Silicone exterior wall coverings provide insulation to your home and this cuts the cost of your energy bills. In the coastal areas, the coating protects the exterior of your home from erosion. Rendering with silicone in this way also helps to alleviate the frost attacks that can crack render and mortar joints and provides greater protection and added insulation to your home.

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